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Friday, February 1, 2013

My Favorite Vampire Series

Sookie Stackhouse #3: Club Dead by Charlaine Harris

Paranormal Romance

I just love this series.  While I have read many vampire/paranormal series, this one is my favorite. But, they must be read in order!

In this installment, Bill has been acting very strange and working on a secret project, leaving Sookie to her own devices.  Then, suddenly, he announces he's leaving town and he'll see Sookie when he sees her.  Clearly, this relationship in on the rocks.  But, when Bill doesn't come home or call and Sookie starts hearing rumors that's he gone back to his old girlfriend, she wants answers.

Enter the irascible Erik, vampire leader.  He also wants some answers so he persuades Sookie to check into the situation.  Erik, being Erik, also takes full advantage of Bill's absence and uses it as a way to get closer to Sookie.  His plan succeeds.  Yeah, Erik!  He's hot.

Erik also calls in a favor to a powerful local werewolf pack and puts Alcide on Sookie-watching duty.  Alcide, being a warm-blooded male, and Sookie realllllly hit it off.  Yeah, Alcide!  He's hot, too.  (A little hairy for my tastes but whatever.)  Now, Sookie doesn't just have one love interest, she has three and isn't sure  she wants any of them.  A girl after my own heart.

I was so delighted with the plot twists in this one.  I just can't stand Bill.  He is always so cold and emotionless.  Yeah, I know he's a vampire, but still, he's just creepy.  I never understood what Sookie saw in him.  He's too boring and broody for my tastes.  I love the character of Sookie.  She is very no-nonsense, a working girl who has to worry about real-life things like the rest of us:  jobs, bills, house maintenance.  It makes me connect with her more as a reader.  I can't wait to read the next one!

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