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"Live a while in these books, learn from them what seems to you worth learning, but above all love them. This love will be repaid you a thousand and a thousand times, and however your life may turn,-it will, I am certain of it, run through the fabric of your growth as one of the most important threads among all the threads of your experiences, disappointments, and joys."--Rainer Maia Rilke

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Biblical Mystery That Kept Me Wanting More

Shrouded in Silence by Robert L. Wise

Jack Townsend, with his wife Michelle, are on the track of the true ending to the ‘lost Gospel of Mark’.  When their research stirs up some anti-American sentiment, they are surprised.  When a story of them in the newspaper stirs up threats, they are alarmed.  When their office is bombed, they know they’re on the right track!
Normally, this is the kind of book I absolutely love.  I adore historical mysteries and anything with a biblical mystery is usually just icing on my book cupcake.

And, I was interested for about half of the book. 
Then, things started to slide for me and just didn’t get back on track.  There just wasn’t enough true historical information to keep me hanging one.  Normally, a book like this one has me running to the computer to look up and verify facts.  However, there were so few facts given that I soon lost interest in what should have been a fascinating subject.  The lost Gospel of Mark had so much promise.

I also had trouble with some grammatical errors.  There were so many errors that reading the book was jarring and I wanted to correct them.  I also found the dialogue to be very stilted, almost as if I were reading a translation from another language.
There were also some plot twists towards the end that I thought just weren’t needed and really detracted from the storyline.  Mixing anti-American terrorism with this type of historical thriller was overkill. 

Overall, not one I enjoyed or one I can recommend. 

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