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"Live a while in these books, learn from them what seems to you worth learning, but above all love them. This love will be repaid you a thousand and a thousand times, and however your life may turn,-it will, I am certain of it, run through the fabric of your growth as one of the most important threads among all the threads of your experiences, disappointments, and joys."--Rainer Maia Rilke

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Not a Believer

The Lost Stones by Paul Rimmasch

Adult Fiction/Adventure

It's hard to decide if this book is mostly adventure or mostly at attempt to convert unbelievers to the Latter Day Saint Faith.  Definitely a good mix of both. 

Ammon is an ex-solider and current college student who has never really been secure in his LDS faith.  That changes when his new college professor tells him the story of some magical lost stones that are apparently important in Mormon history (I am guessing this might be part of the faith as I am not a believer in it.)  Ammon enlists the help of another professor and his daughter, whom he promptly falls in love with.  Together they try and recover the stones that somehow prove beyond a shadow of a doubt their faith's history.

What follows is a hardly believable adventure with a thinly veiled history lesson on Mormon doctrine.  If this story had stuck to just the adventure, it would have been great and I would have liked it.  As it is, I was mostly irritated by the constant reminders of LDS doctrine, especially since I knew nothing about it.  If you're not part of the LDS faith, you probably won't enjoy this. 

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