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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Second Verse as Good as the First

Living Dead in Dallas:  Sookie Stackhouse, True Blood, Book 2 by Charlaine Harris

Vampire Thriller

The second installment in the Sookie Stackhouse series was as good as the first and maybe even better.

Sookie is still in love with Bill the vampire but a new vampire on the scene, Eric, is causing her to have some very uncomfortable physical reactions.  I, personally, am delighted with that because I really don't like Bill.  He is the most unsexy vampire ever (maybe it's his name?).  We do get to know a little more about him and that part of the story is really intriguing. 

In this story, Lafayette Reynolds, a cook at the bar where Sookie works and her friend, is found murdered.  While Sookie tries to clear another friend of the murder charge, she stumbles into a local sex party ring and is almost killed my a maenad (think Medusa mixed with a zombie)  If that isn't enough trouble, Sookie is also summoned to go to Dallas to meet and work on another case.  Bill's plane trip is hilarious!

I really do like this series and I look forward to each new one coming out!  The author is taking her time and letting the stories of all the characters develop--it feels a bit like a twisted Louisiana-Mayberryish town.  So much fun!

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