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Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Disappointment After the First Two

Mary Katz Magruder Mysteries #3:  Outrageous October by Barbara Levenson


Wow!  This was a complete departure from the first two that I loved so well.  I liked this one but didn't love it like the others.  And, I know exactly why-Carlos was missing!

Don't get me wrong.  I really like the character of Mary Katz Magruder and she is definitely strong enough to carry the series, but Carlos is just so spicy.  And, this book was missing some spice.

In the very first chapter, Mary discovers Carlos on a dinner date with his ex-wife after he told Mary he had to go to a business meeting.  She is so betrayed and heartbroken that she mails him back his engagement ring, closes up her business and moves to Vermont for an extended vacation.  This is so extreme to me that it borders on the side of crazy.  It is so uncharacteristic for Mary.  She is usually a reasonable woman so this whole book felt weird to me.  I think it felt weird to Mary, too.

There is nothing wrong with the mystery/mystery series.  They are engrossing although Mary's part in them as a lawyer is a little unbelievable.  One this this author does do in a masterful way is to build the story around the setting.  In each of her books, the setting is integral to the story.  In fact, there would be no story if the location were to change.  While I've never been to this location, I feel as if I know exactly what she is referring to.

Since I loved the others so much, I will give Magruder another chance.  Everybody has an off day.

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