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Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Religious Trifecta

Peter, Paul and Mary Magdalene:  the Followers of Jesus in History and Legend by Bart Ehrman


I have loved all the other Ehrman books I've read and so respect his writing style and research. 
Hhe goes step by step through his research and thinking processes for each of the points he's trying to make, then he lets the reader decide for him/herself.  He doesn't just beat you over the head with facts and his opinion.

The book is divided into thirds, about one third about each of the apostles Peter, Paul and Mary Magdalene, and the contributions each made to the formation of the church and organized religion. 

Much of this felt like rehashed version of his others books and this one felt a little pushy.  More like a diatribe than just merely informative.  Much of what I read here, I have read in some of his other books.  In many places, I just wasn't convinced by Ehrman's research.  His convictions and passions, yes!  His research seems to be lacking here.  Of course, he's digging through things thousands of years old, so there probably isn't much to go on in the first place.  However, I just wasn't swayed.

The book was also a little boring.  Although equal amounts were given to each of the Big 3, Paul's section drug on a bit and the Magdalene's section didn't really have any new revelations.  However, it was my favorite section.  If you're wanting to learn anything significant about these three power players or the beginnings of the early church, you should probably start somewhere else.

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