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"Live a while in these books, learn from them what seems to you worth learning, but above all love them. This love will be repaid you a thousand and a thousand times, and however your life may turn,-it will, I am certain of it, run through the fabric of your growth as one of the most important threads among all the threads of your experiences, disappointments, and joys."--Rainer Maia Rilke

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Still Waters Run Deep

The Watchman:  Joe Pike #1 by Robert Crais

Adult Thriller

I really, really liked the character of Joe Pike from the Elvis Cole series by Crais but wondered if Pike would be a strong enough character to carry his own book.  I mean, he probably didn't say twenty words total in any one book.  Silly me!  Pike is just as addictive and fascinating as Elvis Cole was.

Joe Pike solves impossible cases where muscle and breaking the law is needed.  We've all been there, right? In this first book, Pike is hired to watch poor, little, spoiled-brat Larkin.  Larkin reminded me of the celebrity personas Paris Hilton or Lindsey Lohan.  Pike doesn't particularly like Larkin, but a job's a job.  Larkin was the witness to an accident that is starting look more and more like murder.  And, now the bad guys are coming for her.

Larkin really, really doesn't want to be protected.  She thinks it's silly and fights it every step of the way.  Pike is totally out of his element with this girl.  He's used to ruthless killers, not pampered teens and he realizes that he would rather battle cold-blooded, battle-hardened thugs.  As the mother of two teen girls, I understood Pike's emotional woes.

Joe Pike is a lot like an armadillo, or a porcupine or snapping turtle.  Hard and tough on the outside, gooey and soft on the inside.  He's more emotional and sympathetic than Cole.  Pike and Larkin are such extremes and complement each other so well.  Pike:  cold and hard on the outside, a melting heart inside.  Larkin:  easily broken exterior, tough as nails on the inside.

A great new series for me to devour.  And, best of all--Elvis Cole is here, too!

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