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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Good, Old-Fashioned Ghost Story

Famous Last Words by Katie Alender

Young Adult Paranormal

Katie Alender hasn't steered me wrong yet.  Each book I've read of hers (not very many, but all of them are quality writing) has been a good scary yarn from beginning to end. These are my very favorite kind of ghost stories:  the old-fashioned, edge of your seat thrillers without the gory violence. 

In this book, Willa and her mother have just moved to Hollywood to live with Willa's new stepfather.  It's a few life for both of them, but Willa is having more trouble with the move because she is still mourning the death of her father and feels she may have helped to bring along his death.  She has attempted to contact him using certain paranormal books and other items.  During one of her mini-séances, she inadvertently opens a psychic doorway and discovers a murder occurred in her new home and the ghost is communicating with her.  Things at school are a bit strained, too, and Willa questions whether the new friends she has made will think she's crazy.  Add in the element of a serial killer running loose and you have all you need for one really good read.

I really like Alender's books and her writing style.  It's easy to read and every chapter keeps you hooked on the action.  I loved the old-Hollywood flavor of this book.  The characters were realistic and the plot twists kept me guessing.  Alender is quickly rising to the top of my favorite ghost authors. Even though she primarily writes for the young adult set, the book had more than enough to capture my adult interest.

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