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Monday, April 27, 2015

Loved the Ending!

Divergent #3:  Allegiant by Veronica Roth

Dystopian Teen Fiction

I'm probably not going to win any fans with this reviews, but I have to say I'm probably the only person that loved the ending!

This book series started off strong with Divergent, then went steadily downhill from there.  Divergent was a story of girl versus the establishment. In book, Insurgent, girl increasingly became pro-militant and determined she knew had a better plan.  In this book, the 3rd one in the series, the girl has decided her way is the only way and she knows how to save the world. 

Thankfully, this isn't a story just about Tris.  If it were, it would read as little more than a very confusing overthrow of some political movement that becomes increasingly murkier as the book  series goes on.  Tris has lost most of what made her such an incredible heroine in this last book.  She is judgmental and it never really is clear why these adults in charge even listen to her.  She's a teenager they saw on TV, for Pete's sake.  It's just so unrealistic.  I also loathe the way she treats Four, who struggles with his own identity and family.  She seems determined to have him comply with her wishes, regardless of his own opinions and thoughts.  It's only because of Four that I kept reading.  He is really the dynamic character here and Tris is little more than a prop at the end of the book to show how his life fragments and heals.  I did like the duality of the book but the constant talk of battle and insurrection was boring. 

So, in the end, I probably should have stopped with book #1 in this series.  It was a charmer and I only felt disappointed the farther along I went in the series.  If you do manage to hang on to the end and you're like me (not a real fan), you'll probably also like the ending.  I do look forward to reading "Four", the next book in this series.  I hope it goes on with Four--he was always the best part, anyway.

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