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Friday, April 24, 2015

Starting to Feel Formulaic

To the Nines:  Stephanie Plum #9 by Janet Evanovitch

Romantic Mystery Thriller

My thrill with this thriller series took a bit of a nose dive in this book.

In this latest installment, less-than-adequate bounty hunter Stephanie Plum has to track down an elusive Visa bond jumper, an immigrant who doesn't seem content with upcoming arranged marriage.  As always, there's a few other greasy contenders for Plum's time, but, in the end she always gets her man or woman.

The old formula that has worked for the last 8 books in the series is still working here.  It's a funny, easy light hearted read.  It's one where you don't have to pay too much attention to, so feel free to take it to the beach and doze off in the sun.  Plum's on-again/off-again romance with Morelli takes an unexpected turn and the heat with Ranger goes up a notch or two.  That part I really liked! 

What I didn't like is that Plum is starting to seem like a static character.  By now, she's bagged at least 30 criminals.  Shouldn't she be getting a little better at her job?  Isn't she tired of living in a dump and driving a wreck?  Her lack of growth as a character is starting to wear thin.  I hope future books show a Plum that has some changes in her life and psyche.

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