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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Oh, Laini Taylor, Please Make More

Faeries of Dreamdark #2:  Silksinger by Laini Taylor

Young Adult Fantasy

One is a lonely number.  One=the number of people who have ever heard of this book series when I bring it up and that number is me.  What a travesty!  I shall have to carry the total fandom on my not-so-broad shoulders, then.

Truly, Laini Taylor is one of my absolute favorite writers of fantasy, for any age.  She can take a story and weave magic into those tired old words like nobody's business-making scenes dance and jump on the page, making flat characters come alive in such a way that it's crazy to believe these tiny people couldn't exist.  They must!  It's too sad to picture a world without heroines like Silksinger and Magpie. 

In this second, and sadly, last installment in the Dreamdark series, Magpie continues her search for another of the Djinn would need to be awakened in order to bring about a revolution and set the world to rights.  She has one already and hears of another.  Before she can get to it, though, the Djinn is on the run, protected by a very unlikely savior, a tiny whispering fairy who doesn't seem to have the strength to make one good yell, let alone help save the world. 

I truly love these books.  The characters are ones you root for, the world is one you want to see, and the fight is one for goodness.  I hope that more people pick these up.  While this one is not the perfect 5 score of the first in the series, Blackbringer, it is an amazing read.  I hope this review might encourage a few more readers.  Perhaps our fandom will grow and we can collectively talk the author into writing the rest of them.  After all, there are 5 more Djinn to rescue and who's going to do it if not us?

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