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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

History and Hauntings Combine in a Perfect Mix: Ghosts of Old Louisville by David Domine

Ghosts of Old Louisville:  True Tales of Hauntings in America's Largest Victorian Neighborhood by David Domine


I picked up this book to read because it had a section in it about Waverly Hills TB Hospital and, since I've written a book about that subject myself, I wanted to read more about it.  The section on Waverly wasn't all that great, but I'm probably a bit biased.

The rest of the book, though, was really quite good and I've had a great snow day sitting curled up by my fireplace reading about these beautiful and creepy haunted homes in Louisville.  Old Louisville and the Millionaire's Row is a favorite of mine.  I've attended several events there--gardening, art shows, parks, a Christmas tour--have eaten there and even stayed at a bed and breakfast there.  For Halloween, we once went on a haunted tour.  So, I was a fan before I even started reading.  And, the book didn't disappoint.

These are my very favorite kinds of books--ones that involve a healthy dose of history with a fun dose of paranormal.  I very much liked the author's writing style.  I like that he didn't get so bogged down in research and fact that he passed up good old gossip and hearsay.  In my opinion, those are where the best stories come from.

It is a book I can recommend to those interested in Louisville history, either for first timers or those who fell under the spell long ago.

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