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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Writing Was Scary, But Not the Story: Sarcophagus by Anthony Williams

Sarcophagus by Anthony Williams

Teen Horror

Usually, this is my favorite kind of book.  Action, adventure, a creepy monster, an enigmatic and historical artifact recently unearthed, a secret that didn't go the grave. These are my favorite kinds of books--I don't care if they're written for adults or young adults. If it's creepy with cool monsters, I'll read it.  And, this one had everything!  It had all the ingredients for success.

In the book, Jeremy has moved to a new house and new town during the summer. On his first day, he hooks up with the neighborhood weirdo and the two soon discover an unknown key in a clock and a mystery from a recently dead archeologist-type dude.  When they use the key to unlock the sarcophagus, the result is deadly and, if not stopped, capable of destroying life as we know it!

With all that set-up, what could have gone wrong? In this case, it was mediocre writing.  While the plot ideas were fantastic, the follow-up left a lot to be desired.  The characters were cardboard and barely likeable; the descriptions not nearly long enough tell me what I needed to know; the dialogue was stilted and often ridiculous.  It's in dire need of an editor...or a better editor.  With a bit more work, it could cross the line from mediocre to edge-of-your-seat thrilling.

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